Hengistbury Haul

Couldn’t resist joining in with TJ’s Household Haiku: prompt TIDE

tide and man

leave litter for art

No! Please don’t!

Items washed and sorted


I like to take a photo from each Beach clean so that I can remember where each item came from

A lot of this is recent rubbish left on the beach


I often wish I was a writer – these could build up a story about a ‘Topman’ called Tim who smokes, has a dog, needs high energy fixes and has had something to celebrate recently.


But in the story Tim doesn’t last long as ‘smoking kills’!

The Hengistbury rainbow


As I’m laying them out ideas start to dance around

A face – do you think it looks like a dog?


and a Hengistbury Head – I call him Henry




15 thoughts on “Hengistbury Haul

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    • Hi Suzanne, I live in the South of England. At first sight the beaches don’t look as if they are covered in litter as you can see from the photos in the other posts, but once your eye is attuned to spotting it, it is amazing how much can be collected on a walk across them. I recycle what I can and make art with the rest. Thanks for the ‘follow’, lovely to have you with me as I stroll along the coast.

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      • I live on the south coast of Australia. Certain beaches get more litter than others but generally they are pretty clean. It is fascinating to see the way you turn the litter you find into art.

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