Overcombe Corner. 1

Yesterday morning was so beautiful I just had to get up and outDSC_0001

I was on the beach by 7.30am, parking on the road near the Cafe on Overcombe Corner.


Such a glorious morning.

Shocking to see the litter around the cafe, but I did not stop to tackle that lot!DSC_0004

Hoping that cafe staff would clear it, I walked East along the beach towards Bowleaze Cove.

The picture below is my entry in Cee’s Which Way Challenge this month, down the ramp or along the top? Which way would you go?



There were early morning swimmers and runnersDSC_0010



a paddle boarder



and campers – what a spotDSC_0017

and what a view to wake up to



all the colours shone in the early morning sunshine.



The beach looks clean doesn’t it …….

Here’s my haul

Of course I took more than 2 minutes, it was about an hour and a half of pleasant saunteringDSC_0051

This lot plus an intact cardigan with seaweed growing on it, a child’s pair of pants, three socks and a T-shirt – all to be shown in a future post………


6 thoughts on “Overcombe Corner. 1

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  3. Gosh. I am stunned by the amount of rubbish you collected. It’s brilliant that you get out there and do this but I am dismayed that you find so much. I pick up beach rubbish over here and since reading your blog have been very aware of how much I collect. My usual haul on a half hour walk is a couple of bits of plastic twine and a couple of plastic bottle tops. Sometimes the winter storms bring in a bit more stuff but usually not very much. It must be about the way ocean currents run. I’m on the southern ocean.

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    • Our beaches get very crowded with holiday makers and there is a lot of fishing that goes on – both seem to produce masses of litter. We are a small island with millions of people on it!
      I am just so thrilled that Martin Dorey’s message (2 minute Beach Clean) is spreading like ripples in the pond – your comment makes me happy – thank you so much – hugs!!!!!! 🙂 ❤

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