Nolton Haven


This delightful little cove in Pembrokeshire, South West Wales, as it looked yesterday.

Litter? Plastics? Looks lovely and clean doesn’t it.

But just a few steps onto the beach and….dsc_0071

I was even more distressed to see these tiny plastic fragments all along the strandline



but the artist in me I can’t help feeling excited when I come across something like this plastic bottle transformed into a feast of colour, texture and pattern



Blog inspired by Martin Dorey’s 2 Minute Beach Clean



Susie Ray


As shown on BBC’c Countryfile on 18.September.16

Susie Ray makes prints from objects she finds on the beach, here is a link to her tutorial.

She uses a mix of black and blue oil paint on sheets of white cotton, but says you can also use acrylics.