Newgale, Pembs 8.Jan.17


after a few stormy nights the strand line is way up along the pebbles


and the sea and river together have created a valley in what is usually solid pebblesdsc_0033

I love the way the bridge is being decorated with odd bits of twine, an anonimous communal creative response.

It took about 15 minutes to fill this bucketdsc_0035

…. one of the many things that puzzles me is the amount of empty plastic bottles that people have taken the time to screw the lids back on and then ….?  just discarded them presumably – what is that about!!!!?

There were some perfectly good gloves left next to where a fire had been lit


It has made me think about the need for a site for lost and found items – I found some prescription sunglasses on a walk three days ago – I’m sure they are much missed.

Hmmm….. how would that work?

And here a canister with the can itself rusted away, just the contents left




I cringe at the thought of what toxic gunk will have gone into the sea.

5 thoughts on “Newgale, Pembs 8.Jan.17

  1. Hi! Hubbie and I holiday in Aruba every year and part of our snorkeling ritual is to collect discarded plastics, frightening amount left by locals who rely on tourism as a source of income! What beggers belief in my head is the amount of water bottles that go back to the planets water source to deliver its toxic footprint on our oceans and kill our beautiful marine life. Maybe im a bit simple but truly cant get my head around it? How hard is it to pop it into a bin, even if the requires taking it home to pop into the recycle bin?

    My personal war on plastic is small and frustrating but i wont be giving up any time soon 😉

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    • I’m with you! It is so hard to understand the sheer quantity of discarded rubbish. No other species leaves such a trail of waste and destruction. All manufacturers of plastic goods should be made responsible for the end of life of their products.
      Great to know you are doing your bit. We eco-warriors might work alone but there are many armies of us!

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