First finished piece


Float Line


8″x 8″, acrylic on canvas, with unidentified piece of blue plastic, pieces of float line, fishing line, and plastic and nylon rope, all attached to the canvas with green and red fishing line

All items found on Charmouth Beach on 27th,June 2016.

My very first 2Minute Beach Clean

Hengistbury Haul

Couldn’t resist joining in with TJ’s Household Haiku: prompt TIDE

tide and man

leave litter for art

No! Please don’t!

Items washed and sorted


I like to take a photo from each Beach clean so that I can remember where each item came from

A lot of this is recent rubbish left on the beach


I often wish I was a writer – these could build up a story about a ‘Topman’ called Tim who smokes, has a dog, needs high energy fixes and has had something to celebrate recently.


But in the story Tim doesn’t last long as ‘smoking kills’!

The Hengistbury rainbow


As I’m laying them out ideas start to dance around

A face – do you think it looks like a dog?


and a Hengistbury Head – I call him Henry



Osmington Mills: 6.Jul.16

I went to Osmington Mills with Miss E. We walked behind the pub, The Smugglers, and once in the field took the footpath to the right and down the steep steps onto the rocky beach.

at first the beach looked clean


but at the high tide mark there was plenty to find


mainly plastic bottles which we recycled.

But not until we had played around with some Beach Clean Assemblage Art.

DSCF9421 (1)-1

See what Martin Dorey has to say about plastic bottles:

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