Thames Mudlark Event

I had a fabulous time yesterday picking up things along the Thames Riverbank near the Millennium Bridge

I joined The Thames Explorer Foreshore walk for a 2 hour forage along the shore. We met at the Glass Obelisk at 12noon. We were shown some items and given a short talk on the sort of things we might find.

The green rough pottery was said to be Medieval pottery, there seemed to be quite a lot of it to find amongst the stones.


The beach was full of stuff: glass, pottery, masses of terracotta, and a multitude of clay pipe stems, so many that the lapping of the waves had a tinkly tune as the hollow pipe stems were washed back and for amongst the glass fragments.

We were told that some old wooden stumps were the remains of an Anglo Saxon pier, from a time when the water level was lower. (Click on any of the photos to see them larger).

To our surprise a wedding party scaled the steep steps for photos.


I left a few of our party still searching, but my backpack and pockets were full, so I left at about 1.45pm – I weighed my backpack when I got home – it weighed just over a 16lbs!


I put my bags in the cloakroom as the Tate Modern and had a look around … people were lying down in the turbine hall for a sound experience, dscf0005I went into the newly opened bit – The Tanks – the viewing level alone is worth a visitdscf0007


Then I made my way (slowly!) along the South Bank towards Waterloo, noticing other historical piers


a sandy beach


other mudlarkers


and a sand sculpture



I do love wandering along the South Bank – always lots to see.


Nolton Haven


This delightful little cove in Pembrokeshire, South West Wales, as it looked yesterday.

Litter? Plastics? Looks lovely and clean doesn’t it.

But just a few steps onto the beach and….dsc_0071

I was even more distressed to see these tiny plastic fragments all along the strandline



but the artist in me I can’t help feeling excited when I come across something like this plastic bottle transformed into a feast of colour, texture and pattern



Blog inspired by Martin Dorey’s 2 Minute Beach Clean



Cogden and Burton Bradstaock


A friend and I went for a walk on a gloriously beautiful Summer Sunday.DSCF9559

We parked near Cogden Beach, (There is a National Trust Car Park at the roadside).DSCF9561crossed the footpath to get to the steps to the beach and walked East to Cogden on a litter pick, finding most along the high-tide mark.DSCF9563

My friend is a litter pick star! She lives in town and goes for a litter pick walk each morning along by the river and has been doing that for years, so she was quite happy to join me in my latest crazy craze.

We walked to Cogden, had a paddle, DSCF9565ate our packed lunches and turned back along the beach.DSCF9562

Putting our bags in the car, we then walked the coast path to Burton Bradstock.DSCF9574

DSCF9577 (1)


The houses you can see are The Boarding House, and next to it the home of local celebrity, singer, musician and activist Billy Bragg.



The beach is more crowded at Burton Bradstock where there is a cafe.


Stopping at a shop on the way home, this headline caught my eye


We filled a carrier bag each