Yellow and green triangles


playing with how to display triangles and trying out the ‘jelly fish’ against this background


using the sketch mode on the camera


washing over the yellow


playing with placement


Which do you like the best out of the last two – I can’t decide.

DSC_0074 (1)

Hengistbury Haul

Couldn’t resist joining in with TJ’s Household Haiku: prompt TIDE

tide and man

leave litter for art

No! Please don’t!

Items washed and sorted


I like to take a photo from each Beach clean so that I can remember where each item came from

A lot of this is recent rubbish left on the beach


I often wish I was a writer – these could build up a story about a ‘Topman’ called Tim who smokes, has a dog, needs high energy fixes and has had something to celebrate recently.


But in the story Tim doesn’t last long as ‘smoking kills’!

The Hengistbury rainbow


As I’m laying them out ideas start to dance around

A face – do you think it looks like a dog?


and a Hengistbury Head – I call him Henry



Mike Perry

April 2015

I went to this exhibition at the Oriel Parc Gallery just outside St. Davids


I remember being fascinated but in a bit of a hurry – I wish I had taken longer there now





but luckily my quick photos have led me to the artist and a You Tube Clip

A fascination I have always had has been given a place, a significance. I too wonder about the human story of each piece.

The conglomerates are extraordinary.

Mike Perry’s website:

Cwm Gwyllog Beach, approx 5 miles North of Fishguard, is accessed from the Coast Path.

It is possible to stay at Mike Perry’s farm nearby. Click on the link to discover more.