Ringstead December 2017

Just catching up with some Beach finds.Ringstead

A family walk on Ringstead Beach, 20th December

We were not there for Beach Cleaning but the children brought a few things they had found, they have been well trained!

beach clean Ringstead

They knew my favourite would be the piece of rust

rusty shadows

Ringstead Rust

DSC_0001 (2)-1

Update: Frances of Island Threads says this picture reminds her of the Callanish Standing Stones, which gives me a shiver of excitement! I looked them up on Google images¬†and now I’m itching to try a painting with them as inspiration. This photo by David Ross¬†caught my eyeCallanish-01072006

DSC_0001 (3)-1



These pictures will only exist as photographs, which might in time be printed on canvas or paper.

The background painting is 16″x16″, acrylic paint and sand mixed with PVA on canvas

Which photograph do you think would look best printed on canvas?